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  • Clean Water Program
    Protecting Alameda County Water Resources for Over 20 years. Working with agencies from around Alameda County, the Clean Water program facilitates local compliance with the Clean Water Act. We foster a culture of stewardship of our local water resources.
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  • Residents - Storm Drains
    The Connection between Your Neighborhood and the Bay. Everyday actions can adversely affect creeks, wetlands and the Bay. You can help by adopting simple practices to prevent pollution at home, especially when gardening, cleaning and maintaining your car.
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  • Businesses
    Quick Tips for your Business. Simple changes to your operations and maintenance can help you comply with local regulations. The Clean Water Program makes it easy.
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  • Teachers
    Inspire the Next Generation. Bring the water pollution prevention message to the classroom with Clean Water Program's free resources.
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  • Watersheds
    Did you know you live in a watershed? Surprisingly, Alameda County's network of creeks, wetlands and the Bay extends into everyone's backyard. Even if you don't see any water in your neighborhood, you are still connected to the Bay.
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