Automotive-related industries can cause storm water pollution unless materials, wastes, and wash water are properly handled. Below are a few things you can do to keep pollutants from illegally polluting our creeks and Bay.

For a complete description of best management practices (BMPs), download the Vehicle Facilities BMPs Booklet (English - Spanish - Chinese - Vietnamese)

  • Label storm drain inlets, so that employees do not use them to dispose of waste
  • Train employees not to dump anything down storm drains
  • Store hazardous waste in drums and covered bins and contract a company to dispose of it for you.
  • Prevent leaks and spills. Clean up leaps, drips, and other spills without water whenever possible. Use rags, or a damp mop, and dry, absorbent materials.
  • Recycle fluids whenever possible so they never become waste to dispose. Purchase reusable or recyclable products whenever you can. Send used liquids, batteries, metal scrap and shop rags to a recycler.