Mobile Businesses

Mobile businesses like carpet cleaners and car detailers typically generate wastewater at the place of activity, often outdoors. However, wash water from mobile business activities must not be drained into gutters or storm drains.

Follow the practices below to prevent pollution. Best management practices (BMPs) guides for specific businesses are listed at the bottom of the page.

  • Plan ahead. Determine where you will discharge wash water before starting a new job. Be sure to have equipment on hand (i.e. long hoses, sump pump, etc.) for directing discharge to sanitary sewer access points.
  • Contain and divert wash water so that it does not drain down streets and gutters, using sand bag berms, wattles or bermed mats.
  • Filter wash water to remove hair (mobile pet groomers) and fibers (Mobile carpet cleaners) before discharging to the sewer system.
  • Discharge wash water properly into a cleanout, sink, toilet or other drain connected to the sanitary sewer system, never into a stormdrain.



Surface Cleaner Training! If your business cleans outdoor surfaces, such as plazas or parking lots, you can get a certificate of training through the Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association.  This certificate is required by many municipalities. 

BMP Tip Sheets:

Tips for Mobile Businesses
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Tips for Pools, Spas and Fountains
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