Detain the Rain

Tap Into the Rain Webinar 

The Clean Water Program held a public webinar on Rain Barrels, Rain Gardens and Pervious Pavements for homeowners. View the Recording below or download the Resources Packet for more information.

Enhance Your Property and Protect Our Creeks and the Bay

Rainwater capture systems installed on your property can help reduce flooding and protect the water quality of your local creeks and San Francisco Bay. Landscape designs featuring rainwater capture systems retain water during a storm, then slowly release the water over a period of time. These systems conserve water and reduce flooding, stormwater pollution and erosion, while protecting our local creeks and the Bay.

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  1. Trees. Trees filter pollutants and reduce runoff by absorbing and storing rainfall - up to 1,000 gallons annually, depending on the size and type of tree.
  2. Rain gardens are landscaped areas that reduce runoff by absorbing and filtering rainwater.
  3. Disconnected downspouts direct roof runoff away from the foundations toward a landscaped area where plants and soils can absorb flows and filter pollutants.
  4. Pervious surfaces, such as gravel, turf block, interlocking pavers, pervious asphalt and pervious concrete, can replace traditional, impervious asphalt and concrete. These allow water to infiltrate to an appropriate, underlying drainage layer, reducing local flooding due to rainwater runoff.
  5. Rain barrels or cisterns capture roof runoff, releasing it safely and slowly into the landscape to prevent high flows and erosion.

Some of these systems require technical guidance. For steep slopes and erodible soils please consult with an appropriate professional such as a landscape architect or engineer.

Please read the following fact sheets for more information.

Resources for Download (PDF format)

Fact Sheets:

Tap Into the Rain Webinar Resources Packet

Detain the Rain (low resolution brochure)

Detain the Rain (high resolution brochure)

Rain Barrels and Cisterns

Rain Gardens

Landscaping for Stormwater Management

Pervious Paving

Maintaining Pervious Pavement