Pest Control at Home

Jackson JethroWhether you plan to fight pests on your own or hire a professional pest control company, you can keep your home safe for children and pets by fighting ants, fleas and cockroaches without toxic chemicals.

You’ll also protect our water by reducing pesticide residues in and around the home, which would eventually be washed into our creeks and the Bay.

DIY: Control pests with less-toxic alternatives at home.

There are safer alternatives to many types of pest control products. Our partner program, Our Water Our World, has compiled comprehensive information on common pests as well as less toxic methods to control them. Read more here. Or, explore our fact sheets, including tips for specific pests.

Many local hardware stores and nurseries offer less-toxic pest control products and have been trained by Our Water Our World experts. Find a location near you.

Call the Pros: Hiring a Pest Control Company

If you are in need of professional services, there are contractors available who are knowledgeable in less toxic methods. Sometimes called “Integrated Pest Management” or IPM, less toxic methods focus on long-term prevention of pests and their damage through a combination of techniques such as habitat modification, biological control, and physical control. Pesticides are used only if truly necessary and are selected to be effective against a specific pest while minimizing risks to people, pets, wildlife, beneficial insects, and our environment.

iStock 000001530313MediumWhen you first contact a company, tell them that you are concerned about the use of pesticides and would like them to use only less-toxic pest control methods. Some companies may try to convince you that chemical sprays are safe and more effective. Be persistent. Find out to what extent a company you’re considering uses non-chemical approaches to pest control and how it would approach your particular problem.

Our fact sheet on Finding a Pest Control Company contains detailed guidance on how to select a qualified pest control service. To find trained IPM contractors, see the list at Ecowise Certified Integrated Pest Management Contractors.  For additional options, search Green Shield Certified programs for a contractor near you.

Resources for Download (PDF format)

cwp bottle labelGeneral Fact Sheets

Insect-specific Fact Sheets   

Spray bottle label featuring non-toxic pest control recipes you can make at home! Print label and stick on any clean plastic spray bottle.